Wisdom Tooth Extractions – Arlington, TX

The Easy Way to Make Wisdom Teeth Disappear

Practically everyone will need to have their wisdom teeth removed at some point, and this is because most people simply don’t have enough room for them in their mouth. Left alone, the wisdom teeth can press on the neighboring teeth and shift them, cause pain, and even affect the alignment of the bite. At Sonria Dentista of Arlington, we can perform wisdom tooth extractions in Arlington on both adults and teens so patients can get what they need without having to visit an outside specialist.

Why Choose Sonria Dentista of Arlington for Wisdom Tooth Extractions?

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The Wisdom Tooth Extraction Process

Dental forceps in front of X ray with impacted wisdom tooth highlighted red

During a wisdom tooth extraction, your dentist will numb the area around the tooth with local anesthesia. The tooth is then carefully removed from the socket in the jawbone, often in pieces so any incisions can be kept as small as possible. The area will be stitched closed to promote healing. After the procedure, the patient will receive post-operative instructions on how to care for the extraction site and manage any discomfort. Most patients feel back to normal within a week or less.